Tomato Basil Bowties

Lent starts this week, and I was trying to think ahead to meat-free meals for this Wednesday and Friday. (Alas! No more Pizza Hut on Fridays with my coworkers!) The pasta bake below is the result of that focus on responsibility…

  • Boil 12 ounces of bow tie noodles according to package directions. Drain.tomato basil
  • In medium bowl, whisk…
  • Add mix to hot pasta along with…
    • 1 small white onion, finely chopped
    • 1 bulb of garlic, crushed*
    • 2 cans of diced tomatoes with garlic and olive oil
    • 8 ounces of mozzarella cheese
  • Combine well before stirring in one bunch of basil, chopped.
  • Pour into greased 9 x 13 casserole dish. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes, until bubbly.

Doesn’t tasting basil instantly have you thinking summer?! I wish the tomatoes and the basil were out of my garden instead of from the store! I did not miss the meat in this healthy and flavorful casserole, but you could add your favorite protein to please the eaters in your dining room. I still don’t know what I’m giving up for Lent, but at least my kitchen is prepared!

*Stir in onions and garlic first so the hot pasta can help soften them. Yay for avoiding precooking and extra dirty dishes!


6 thoughts on “Tomato Basil Bowties

  1. I made this last night. I substituted light ricotta cheese (less sodium) for the cottage cheese. It was wonderful. Thanks for a new recipe!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Julie! I wouldn’t have thought of ricotta, but some of my frequent kitchen diners would be happy for the lower-sodium substitution. I will keep that in mind!

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