Clean Cutting Board

saltMy everyday cutting board is actually a dishwasher top—thanks to Brian Haines,the former appliance repairman. It is the most perfect kitchen accessory on the planet! I want to be sure I take care of it so that it stays nice for a long time to come, and this trick is one excellent way for giving it a good scrub.

I’ve found it really doesn’t matter what citrus fruit you use for this cleaning method; you just need the acid combined with the grainy salt. Squeeze out a few tablespoons of juice, pour in enough salt to make a paste, and use the other half of the fruit as a scrubber. When you are satisfied, wipe your board clean with a paper towel. You will end up with a bit of a mess on the counter from all the salt, but the board is as sparkly as you are going to get a wooden cutting board! Plus, this is a handy trick for after a party when you are stuck with cocktail fruit (lemons, limes, oranges) and a dirty counter!


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