Cheesy Spaghetti Squash with Bacon

I love spaghetti squash. Love it! Sometimes, I’ll eat an entire one by myself with a little butter, garlic, and Parmesan. That said, I love when I can trick others into loving spaghetti squash too! Tonight, I got a six-year-old to eat three servings of this. Impressive, right?!

  • Cheesy Spaghetti SquashPrepare one large spaghetti squash by…
    • Pierce many times with a knife
    • Microwave squash for 10-12 minutes, until it becomes soft
    • Remove from microwave using hot pads and carefully cut in half. Allow to cool.
    • Once squash is cool enough to handle, remove seeds and use a fork to “fluff”the meat of the squash.
  • While squash is cooking, prepare cheese sauce…
    • In medium sauce pan, melt 2 T. butter or olive oil.
    • Whisk in 1/4 cup flour. Cook for 1-2 minutes to remove raw flour taste.
    • Stir in…
      • 1 1/2 cups milk
      • 1 1/2 cups chicken broth
      • Whisk until smooth.
    • Simmer sauce until thickened. Remove from heat and stir in 8 ounces sharp cheddar cheese.
  • Combine…
    • Cooked spaghetti squash
    • Cheese sauce
    • 1 bag of baby spinach
    • 6 slices of cooked bacon, crumbled
  • Place mixture into greased casserole dish. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and bake at 375* for 30-40 minutes, until bubbly.

Cheese. Bacon. I’m not sure there is a better way to dress up spaghetti squash!


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