The Great Upgrade

I got a new phone. A smart phone. I can no longer say to people, “I don’t have a smart phone because I’m already smart enough.” I made Joe the Cellphone Guy look up when I got my last phone.cell phone

April 7, 2008.

Five years ago….Grandma Babe was still alive. I wasn’t an aunt yet. I still had my pretty black Tiburon.

This phone holds priceless photos from the last five years: newborn pics of Christopher, Bobby, Andrew, Jayna, Sheila, and Dagny. Illogical numbers of photos of food, beer, and clothing. This phone helped make dozens of dress shopping decisions.

In addition to stored photos, I always lock text messages that make me happy. I’ll let you guess who these precious gems might be from:

“Oh my sister-you always shine! And you do everything with passion! Enjoy!”

“Ur exaggerating 🙂 when your hair looks like sh*t it still looks better than every1 elses!”

“I will buy any pie you want to make. The apple pie was extraordinary! Thank you!!!”

“Things that at water”….”And by at water I mean true”

“Guess you’re sleeping. But you definitely deserve so much better. Hey I’m still old school I’ll kick his @ss if you want. Just got off work so not drunk.”

“I m drinks”

“r u sloven”….”alive? f***ing auto correct.”

“exactly. you never know what might happen in cumming.”

“Yes it was nice to see you also FYI that guy is a fool if i were single i would chase you!”

“yeah it was  good time. moron level was low.”

“One beer=24 minutes”

“He’s unsure of being one on one. Probably thinks he won’t be able to keep up with you! Ha!”

“You are an incredibly nice woman Maggie. Thanks.”


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