Five Annoying Things about Dating

  1. Men fall asleep instead of taking you on a promised date. I don’t think I’ve ever been that tired….c175880_m
  2. Call? Don’t call? Text? Facebook? Email? Messenger pigeon? You tell me.
  3. Getting dressed up to get stood up. Do you know how expensive Mary Kay foundation is? I’m a teacher for goodness sake!
  4. Forgetting how to speak fluent English when faced with somebody really cute. I mean…like…he’s Bradley Cooper cute. All of a sudden, I can only talk in tongues. Epic fail.
  5. Bad set-ups. I loooooooove being set up. Love it. Seriously, it makes me feel like people think I’m awesome (e.g. “Maggie’s awesome. My male friend is awesome. Set them up!”). When that set-up is decked out in a Canadian tuxedo and didn’t pass the 8th grade….I don’t feel so awesome anymore.

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