Is this weird?

I inherited about 1,000 mason jars when I moved into my grandma’s house in 2008, and they have just been collecting dust in the basement. Apparently, I found some ambition today because I washed a handful of them and decided to display my extra toiletry items/make up. Is that weird?

wholeThis black shelving unit has lived in four homes with me. Original purpose: DVD rack. Since moving to Grandma’s, I’ve always kept my hand towels rolled on the second from the bottom shelf and filled the others with a hodge podge of items…candles, nail polish, random pictures.

I thought it might look more ‘put together’ if I reorganized so that all the items on the rack were bathroom-related since it stands right outside the bathroom door. I think I most love the jar of bandages and the bowl of nail polish. glass


2 thoughts on “Is this weird?

  1. Not weird at all! Very “Marthaesque!” You need a magazine, woman!
    And so practical; Grandma is proud!

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