Low Carb Dinner for One

tuna + pepperMore often than not, when you Google “dinner for one,” the recipes involve buying oodles of ingredients and then only using a small amount. I found this recipe for tuna salad on top of a roasted red pepper that was a true “dinner for one” recipe…and it was good!

I think the recipe makes this look insanely pretentious and difficult, but I made it work, even in my humble kitchen:

  • Roasting the pepper was absolutely terrifying. I stabbed it with a plastic-handled knife and rotated it directly above the flame on my gas stove.
  • I skipped the parsley as I refused to buy a whole bunch for just a few snips. I was baffled by the anchovy so I skipped that too.
  • I do not own a mortar and pestle (Do you?!), so I used my handy-dandy Pampered Chef garlic press to crush TWO cloves of garlic to which I added a decent pinch of salt and a generous serving of capers (mmmm….).

I wouldn’t have thought to put raw garlic in tuna salad, but I always will in the future! Moreover  eating this meal felt fancy which is always a win. 🙂


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