These Boots

As I polished by boots yesterday, I got to thinking about how many places they have taken me…boots

  • We have lived in three homes together.
  • They watched me graduate college.
  • These boots have outlasted nine boyfriends and just as many breakups. (Not to mention a plethora of dates and first kisses.)
  • They walked me out of Fareway after five+ years of employment.
  • They supported me through my first, and thus far only, professional interview–and many, many teaching adventures since!
  • These boots have caught upteen tears of embarrassment, sadness, loneliness, stress.
  • They’ve danced off hundreds (thousands?) of calories.
  • They have smirked their way through three speeding tickets.

Who knew a 2004 investment of $90 at Farm and Home in Osceola, Iowa could take you so far?


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