Milwaukee: Algonquin for “the good land”

My sister moved to Milwaukee, which was initially very sad and awful. Now, I’m in love with Milwaukee. Five reason to visit:

  1. You are SUPPOSED to eat cheese and drink beer all the time.
  2. Everyone’s favorite color is green.
  3. Frozen custard.
  4. Every restaurant I’ve eaten at has been addictively delicious (Can I go back for Trocadero brunch next weekend?!?).
  5. There are insane amounts of fun things to do.

I will be really happy when my sister moves back home…but also a little bit sad that I won’t need to visit Milwaukee as often.


2 thoughts on “Milwaukee: Algonquin for “the good land”

  1. I know lots of great places in Milwaukee. If you like custard go visit La Dukes! YUM! Its a must stop for us everytime we are in Milwaukee (my mom and grandma are from there and we love going to visit!)

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