How to Roast Garlic

roasted garlicI’m fully convinced that garlic goes in every savory dish ever conceived, so I’m thrilled to find that roasted garlic is insanely easy.

  • Firmly hold the base of a bulb of garlic while using a sharp knife to slice off the tips of each clove (not as hard as you think if your knife is quality).
  • Drizzle garlic with olive oil, coating each clove.
  • Wrap in aluminum foil.
  • Place in a 400* oven for 45ish minutes.
  • Allow to cool before squeezing roasted garlic from the bulb.

Serve on crusty bread…put in your favorite recipe…eat it when you think you are getting a cold…store it in a cute jar and give it as a gift! So good! P.S. Please excuse my ridiculous bunny plate. 🙂


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