Smothered Chicken

I hope you aren’t sick of my Farmer’s Wife recipes because I’m not yet! I doubt I’ll get much use out of the canning section, but I’m certainly loving the “Harvest Time” and “Comfort Food” categories!smothered chicken

  • Dredge 3 – 4 pounds of chicken pieces in seasoned flour (salt, pepper, Lawry’s…whatever you love!).
    • Brown chicken in two Tablespoons of melted butter.
    • Remove from skillet into greased casserole dish.
  • Stir three Tablespoons of flour into drippings (add more butter if chicken doesn’t create much grease). Cook for 1-2 minutes to remove raw flour taste. Stir in…
    • 1 cup of milk
    • 1 can of cream style corn
    • 1 teaspoon paprika
    • Salt/pepper to taste
  • Once thickened, pour over chicken. Bake at 350* for 40ish minutes, until cooked through.

I really enjoyed this meal as it felt like something my grandmother would serve. I actually used my large cast iron skillet and just replaced the chicken into the skillet once the sauce was ready and tossed it all in the oven. Bone-in-chicken takes forever to cook, but it is worth it every time!


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