Beer Me

beerSometimes I think making new friends in adulthood is just as difficult as picking out an awesome man to date. Perhaps people are set in their ways (“I don’t need more friends!”). There’s no eHarmony for friendships (What would you write on a friendship-seeking profile?). Girlfriends get boyfriends and the single life is forgotten (“I don’t need to go to the bar on Saturday anymore.”). Guy friends get girlfriends and they certainly don’t need single chicks hanging around to cause problems.

Considering all these issues, I have determined the one action that almost always creates new friendships. Buy that potential partner-in-crime a beer. He or she will most likely buy the next one, and you have inspired camaraderie. Whether I start the cycle or someone else does, operating on the beer-for-beer principle instantly makes me feel chummy with the opposite person. I love the benevolence of the act. For $3.50, I’ve inspired two smiles and twenty minutes of conversation. Bars aren’t typically unfriendly places, but being treated to a drink and returning the favor, makes me think I’m starring member on Cheers. Bottom line, catch me out next time. I’d love to buy you a beer!

Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.
~ Henry Lawson ~


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