Spring Break Top Ten

Mother nature is snowing on spring break and my attitude today. Since I needed a little pick-me-up, I decided to brainstorm a list of  ways to fill up my otherwise plan-free vacation…brainstorm

  1. Waste $20 at Prairie Meadows.
  2. Plan Chapter 12 so that I don’t look like a noob on Monday.
  3. Visit Bob at the Cumming Tap.
  4. Check out the Art Center (it’s free!).
  5. Work at the Chocolate Storybook because I’m always broke (ignore #1…see #4).
  6. Take a walk at Grays Lake. Just how far around is it really?
  7. Make a friend that owns a hot tub.
  8. Eat lunch at a restaurant that only serves lunch because I can only do that during spring break and summer.
  9. Bake (this one is counterproductive to #6, but you know how wearing an apron makes me happy).
  10. Read any number of those novels I received for Christmas but haven’t gotten to yet.

I’m feeling better already. Any suggestions?


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