Baked Potato Bar

I know this isn’t really a recipe, but I’m feeling like the smartest human on Earth today! Did you know you could cook baked potatoes in the slow cooker?! (Maybe that makes them slow potatoes…we can work on the name later!) Scrub and pierce the potatoes just like you do for the oven, wrap them in foil, and place them in the slow cooker on low for 7+ hours.

Now for the real excitement! Since you have a whole slow cooker full of warm, fluffy potatoes, everyone in the house can dress their’s up however they choose! Some ideas:

  • potatoesTex Mex
    • black beans
    • salsa
    • Mexican blend cheese
    • jalapenos
    • sour cream
  • Chicken Alfredo
    • cooked, chopped chicken
    • Alfredo sauce
    • broccoli
  • Cordon Bleu
    • Swiss cheese
    • ham
    • cooked, chopped chicken
  • Buffalo Chicken
    • cooked, chopped chicken
    • buffalo sauce
    • bleu cheese crumbles
  • Pizza Potato
    • pepperoni
    • mushrooms
    • mozzarella
    • pizza sauce

Classic options like chili and cheddar-broccoli are always a win as well! I admit that I cooked a whole five pound bag of potatoes simply so I could have a different style for lunch each day this week. I think this would be perfect for a casual dinner party, pot luck, or kid’s sleepover.


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