Lemon Chicken with Roasted Potatoes

Pillsbury is both my savior and arch nemesis. Every day, a delicious-looking recipe blows up my email inbox. lemon chickenSometimes, I can easily pass on it. Other days, I have to jet my booty to the store immediately to buy foodstuffs. Of course, I seldom follow the recipe exactly (what fun is that?!). I’m providing you the general gist below as I firmly believe you could dress up chicken in this fashion for one diner or ten.

  • Heat olive oil in large cast iron skillet.
  • Brown chicken thighs for four minutes on each side.
  • Once browned, nestle red potatoes and large slices of yellow onion around the chicken.
  • Sprinkle all with brown sugar and Italian seasoning.
  • Top with lemon slices.
  • Place in 400* oven until chicken is cooked through and potatoes are soft (45+ minutes).

I actually purchased chicken hindquarters because that is what my local provides. Two hindquarters, split into the leg and thigh, complemented one pound of potatoes, one small onion, and one lemon quite nicely. This was so flavorful and so attractive that I would serve it at a dinner party. On the flip side, I would make it for myself with one piece of chicken just to have an easy gourmet meal in a pinch.


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