Pampered Chef Party Menu

I don’t need much of an excuse to host a party. Check out the details:

So delicious! I was thrilled that I had a handful or so of grape tomatoes ready just in time for the party! The basil is mine too, but I had to buy the mozzarella. 😉







This was a surprising hit! I Googled ‘zucchini recipes’ and came up with this recipe that sounded delicious. I envisioned it as a salsa though, so I sauteed the zucchini and FRESH corn, added cilantro, one green pepper, a couple of banana peppers, a jalepeno, lime juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. I served it cold to rave reviews!








This is an easy classic: marshmallow fluff and strawberry cream cheese. I like to add a few drops of red food coloring to make it more pink!









Lacking a wine bucket, I thought this old tin was super cute! 🙂










I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture of the spinach and goat cheese quiche or the stuffed mushrooms/peppers! I always add more eggs, garlic, and shallots than are called for in the quiche recipe. The trick to stuffed mushrooms: a cookie scoop (from Pampered Chef!). I combine Graziano’s sausage, one package of cream cheese, a packet of dried ranch, chopped garlic, green onions, and a few splashes of Worcestershire. I stuffed some jalapenos and banana peppers too since there were an abundance ready in the garden.

Yay for parties!!!!!


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